Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Thursday Three

1. I woke up thinking it was Friday and then wishing it was Friday when I realized it was Thursday.

2. Despite the nasty early heat and humidity I am opting to run instead of ride tonight. Since I had noted in a previous post that I need to run more, I should follow through! I road last night for a wee bit and I am riding a long ride on Saturday, so tonight I will run with the fine folks at Fleet Feet to get a little social interaction along with my run. Running with others will help me ignore the heat and humidity I hope!

3. I have been working on my calendar for the past few days. Coordinating my daughter's Summer schedule, with my schedule and her Dad's schedule. Who has her which weekend? When is she away? When are you taking her on vacation? And so on... Whew! And how does all of this coordinate with my race and training schedule? Pretty good! I am thankful for a cooperative and flexible ex-husband. It makes all of the scheduling so much easier. I am also thankful that my daughter is 100% behind me and my activities.

The Catoctin Challenge will be here before I know it! Please donate! Every $1 helps!
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  1. Yeah for a run!!!! YEAH!!!! That half in July is calling your name!

    I donated-wish I could have donated more-but being unemployed right now doesn't make it easy.....

  2. 1- same thing with me all week, thought it was one day ahead

    2 - did you make it in time for the free socks?