Monday, May 17, 2010

Nice Ride in Frederick County and I lurve KT TAPE!

So dear readers I did not take any cow or goat photos during my ride on Saturday, but I did see some some very cute calves and cows along the way. It was an awesome day and a great ride. There were about 14 people that started out the day. Some were only doing the short ride, 40 miles, and myself and a few others were going for the 52.5 (according to the ride genius's cue sheet). All riders are together for about 22 miles. I stayed with a group of 4 others for the whole ride, we all kept a similar pace and it worked well. We got to the first rest/refuel stop at 18.5 miles and little convenience store in the wee town of Adamstown, Maryland. While we were at the stop, one rider gets a call from Phil, the ride genius, that another one of our riders got clipped by a car crossing a rather crazy intersection. OH NO! Thankfully, she was not seriously injured and her bike not totally damaged. She was also lucky that Phil and a couple others were close by. Her left pinky finger was tore up and she ended up having surgery, but was out of the hospital by the evening on Saturday. She was very lucky. The driver who clipped her stopped too. Whew! Glad that wasn't me!
The temp was great the whole ride. There was a bit of a breeze, but it wasn't too bad. This ride had some good climbs. You know you will have a climb when you hit roads with MOUNT anything in the name. Most of the ride was rolling hills that you can maintain a decent speed to get up the next hill without having to get down in the lowest gear to get up the hill. When we were at 35 miles, one of our group had a flat. While we waited for him to change the flat, three other riders caught up to us. It turns out they were supposed to do the shorter ride, but missed the turn. Two of them needed to get back to the start point soon, but were unfamiliar with the area. So all together, with the knowledge of some locals who were riding, we made a changed in the route and ended up at 47 miles for the day. I'll take it!

Sunday was swim practice and I was supposed to get at least a 5 mile run in. Well, I did go to swim practice - 3950 meters! If I had known while I was still in the pool that I was shy 50 meters of 4000, I would have done the extra 50. Oh well. We (my lane) are generally in the 3000 - 3200 m range at practice, so this was a big one today. Coach was challenging us. Some how between picking up my daughter from her Dad's, doing some grocery shopping and house chores, the run never happened. It was a nice day too. Oh well.... TODAY I will get the run done.

KT TAPE - I had a sample of this at home from a women's cycling even I had attended. As I had mentioned in another blog post, my Piriformis or is Periformis?? has been giving me pain. A TRUE PAIN IN THE ASS ha ha ha - :-) It was so bad Friday, it hurt to sit!
Well, KT TAPE has an application for the SI area (the low, low back) that should help- I decided to give it a try and see if it would help me. YEP! I was a happy girl, I road pain free on Saturday, was pain free Saturday night and on into Sunday. I ended up removing the tape Sunday evening as it was starting to come off (yes I swam and showered with it on ). I still have some pain in that area, so I will have to purchase a roll. I am thinking this has helped!

Okay back to the tasks at hand here at work. I am trying to get things done, but stymied while I wait for others to deliver things that I need in order to get my part done. UGH !!!!!


  1. That is my BIGGEST fear, we had some idiots on Saturday, blaring horns, driving too close, passing on the left, as we signaled to turn left.

    I have a sample to KT tape at home, I have no clue how to use it.

  2. Scary about the rider getting clipped. But I'm glad the rest of your ride and weekend were good ones!