Monday, May 24, 2010

No Race = No Race Report

So, yeah.. umm well.. it was raining. Since I am TRULY a novice bike racer and not a big fan of riding my road bike in the rain, I (and my teammate) opted not to go to the race on Sunday. Now, I know that I could hit a triathlon event and have to ride in the rain, but that kind of riding is so completely different than hammering as hard as you can on a 1 mile loop and trying to draft. It is better I didn't risk myself or anyone else. Of course as Sunday went on the weather got better. I hope that the later afternoon races went well.

So what did I do this weekend? Friday I worked until 6 pm, the office was absolutely dead when I left. I know I lead SUCH an exciting life. Then I got to wait around for my teen to let me know which movie she and her friend were going to and what time I should pick them up. Gotta love teens!

Saturday was my normal training ride with my tri club. I did 27 miles. One day I will bring a camera to take a picture of one of the best views in the county. And it is fun descent too! :-)
We had one newbie woman that joined us and did our 24 mile ride. It was her first time riding that far! We gave her lots of encouragement to return next week. She could have done the 27. The woman on the mountain bike returned too, she is a trooper. That bike weighs a ton and she is chugging along. If she gets a road bike we all better watch out. Along our ride, some dude in jeans and tennis shoes on a road bike starts riding with us. He just appeared in a creepy kind of way. He said he had ridden all the way from New York. He was asking which way was south. We provided him with some directional help, but then he followed us. We were not going south. Finally he left us when he realized we were going where he had just come from. DOPE. I am glad that we were a mixed group, I think I could have out ridden (out road???) him if necessary, but you never know. He had a few screws loose I do believe. I will say Saturday that I did get more head nods and waves from other cyclists out. They must have been happier. I am certain I see the same people each week. My little sociology experiment - see who acknowledges a fellow cyclist.

Sunday, once the decision was made to not race in the rain, I was a big girl and instead of going back to bed I went to swim practice. I was bummed that the weather was crappy. I wanted to race! I wanted to leave it all on the course and puke! I am glad that I did not go back to bed though. Swim practice was good - all 3100 meters of it.

28 days until my first Olympic Distance Tri. Hmmm My swim and bike are in great shape. I am not so sure about the run. Well, since it is the first time at this distance what ever happens will be a PR. LOL!


  1. I have not ridden in the rain either. Don't plan on it any time soon. LOL
    You'd better get those feet on the pavement young lady! :)

  2. i did my first sprint tris last year, sticking with them this year but hoping to do my frist oly next year .....

  3. I hate riding in the rain but sometimes you have to. When you don't _have_ to, choose safety and comfort.

    I think you choose wisely especially since you got your work done in the pool.

  4. I rode once in the rain...completely scary. It was group ride and not a race, so going slow wasn't a big deal. I think you were smart to avoid racing in it, that's for sure.

  5. I dislike riding in the rain as well

    jeans and a roadie, well, thats something you dont see everyday!!! I agree, I would have tried to drop him. that is creepy.

    27 days till your reward, how exciting!!!

  6. Yea, I don't like riding in the rain either. I'da bailed... :-)